DON - "did I really come round last night" - Preston

1932 - 2007

( the shortest lifetime amateur licence ever issued ? )

A great friend of mine passed away the other day aged 74 years. Born on 7th October 1932, died February 26th 2007.

Don Preston, a great jazz keyboard player, fronted the Don Preston Trio in the 60 - 70's era. He played the pubs and clubs of the South East regularly and became well known for his particular style of playing, similar to Harry Stoneham a great friend. Harry Stoneham was pro but Don stayed with Radio Rentals by day and did the clubs for pocket money in the evenings.

Don was known for his love of an occasional 'gold watch' and on many occasions, well in-fact every occasion, would end up with friends after an evening session and sup a few into the early hours. As his daughter Julie, and son David described him in a newspaper article, he was a lovable rogue. Probably the way most of us will remember him.

Don would have loved the last joke society played on him, as he had a wicked sense of humour. I looked after Don's radio licence in his later years due to his 'forgetfulness' and I recently received a communication from Ofcom. He was issued with his lifetime radio licence on 26th February 2007, - the day he died. I guess he's also played his last trick on me, to help me remember the 26th February - it's also my wedding anniversary !

Dons funeral was held at Crawley Crematorium on Monday 12th March at 10.30 am. The family requested that there should be no flowers but donations made to St Catherines Hospice

Don, we will all miss you.


Mike Senior G4EFO