History Log for GB3NX        GB3NX coverage map

April 14 2014 - midday  -  Well after a long, long wait, since 2011 the MOD, OfCom have finally cleared the site and frequency change for GB3NX. I have removed the kit from under the work bench, vacuumed out all of the spiders, and connected it to the dummy load. Surprise surprise, it still works. The

I took the repeater to the site in the morning, plugged it all in and the first thing that happened was the power supply stopped working. Typical, - a week long soak test on the bench without hiccup, take it to the site, and an immediate problem. However the PSU running WS is man enough to run both repeaters, so all is not lost.

The new repeater is the same make as is used for GB3WS. I have purchased two new Icom IC- F 210 transceivers for this purpose. The aerial array is an end fed collinear, fed by 20 meters of Andrews LDF 4-50 coax.

A new logic for the repeater has arrived; it is a CAT 200 controller from the states. As I have a complete spare set of Icom IC-F 210s at home, this work can be carried out at without the need to take the repeater off-air.

A simple aerial diplexer has been added to allow both the WS repeater and NX repeater to utilise the same coaxial feed and antenna.

I will take some pictures and post an update soon.

26th February 2011 - Off air Computer interface failure.

6th January 2011 -  Now back on air at 12:15. Analogue mode only at  the moment. Further update to follow.

18th June 2009 - Work on GB3NX has taken a back seat owing to essential work on GB3WS. Work will now progress.

10th May 2009 - GB3NX After more than 25 years of faithful service the original PYE 470 base station has been retired. The new ICOM ICF210 transceivers have now been delivered and work is underway to have the repeater back on air as soon as possible.