GB3WS CAT 300DX Logic Controller

Complete Controller


Controller Board


Interface Board


CAT Repeater Interface Cable

This interface cable allows you to quickly connect your CAT (Computer Automation Technology) repeater controller to the Icom mobile radios. Installation is as simple as plugging the lead marked "TX" to the transmit radio and the lead marked "RX" to the receive radio. Next, close jumper "F" on the TX main board and your done. The cable is supplied with 30" leads.

This cable is now available with an optional link port "pigtail." Connecting a link radio has never been easier! This DB9M pigtail allows you to use an OPC-617 equipped radio as a link transceiver. Installation is as simple as the jumper "F" mod to the link radio and plugging the cables together. If you are not using a third Icom radio as a link or are connecting to a second repeater you can always "roll your own" interconnect cable. The pinouts follow the standard Icom accessory port wiring with pins 3 (audio out), 4 (audio in), 5 (PTT), 6 (COS), and 9 (ground) being active.

OPC-617 compatible cable is available for for every CAT to Icom repeater cable (with link option) purchased.