GB3WS The Repeater


Views of the old IC1510 and new ICF110 repeaters . Move the pointer over the picture to see the new repeater. Both repeaters are produced by Icom.

The new unit has been modified to allow the use of our own external CAT controller. At present the repeater is adjusted to run 25 watts to the input of the duplexer.

The new Icom ICF 110 TX showing the cooling fans
GB3WS repeater obtained from Adur Communications
The GB3WS Aerial System

The picture below (mouse over for different view) shows the tower which supports the WS antenna system. Our antenna is the one at the top of the mast to the left. It is a single folded dipole about 22 meters AGL. The aerial is fed by a 30 meter run of Andrews LDF-450 coaxial.

The antenna is spaced one quarter wavelength from the mast with an orientation of 270 degrees. The system is fed via a four cavity sinclair duplexer, at the 'T' piece of which is a ferrite circulator.

Each cavity has an insertion loss of about 0.5dB at the wanted frequency and a reject notch in excess of 55dB at the unwanted frequency. There are two cavities in the transmit leg and two in the receive path which allows the repeater to run single aerial working in order to achieve a reciprocal transmit and receive path.